Let's Read

Lesewettbewerb Englisch am ASG

English Reading Competition at ASG
For pupils of Year 7

Reading is fun. Let’s have more fun in English. Let’s read!

The aim of this new English Reading Competition at our school is to encourage children to devote themselves more often to English literature, to read aloud from their favourite books and to enjoy the sound of this foreign language. Students should experience reading English texts as a pleasure, not an obligation.
Choosing and preparing a short excerpt from a book motivates children to an active examination of literature. Furthermore, the competition encourages students to practise their pronunciation and to listen to others.

During this competition children will make the experience that even English books can offer many facets of suspense, entertainment and information and that they can open new horizons even though the texts are written in a foreign language. They will also make the experience that they indeed do understand quite a lot.

Who can participate?

All pupils of year 7 can participate in the competition within their classes. In this initial stage each class determines its own two reading champions. After this, the class winners compete in the school championship in January or February.

What to read?

The pupils should read a short passage from a short story or a novel of their own choice plus a text passage that is unknown to them (surprise text). The language of the texts has to be English, of course.

Pupil‘s choice:

  • reading time is two minutes
    The student should name title and author of the short story/ novel and give a very short introduction to the passage he or she is going to read.

Surprise text:

  • chosen by the teacher/ jury
  • should have the same level of difficulty for all students (no particularly difficult words)
  • reading time is approximately two minutes

Who will assess?

To assess the contributions, we have developed an evaluation form for ASG.
On class level the form teachers and a jury of 2 or 3 pupils from the class – and on school level (which is the final competition) 3 teachers, 2 other students from higher classes and the chairwoman or chairman will evaluate the students’ performance.

Guidelines for assessment

The aim of the competition is not to simply repeat a well practised text without mistake. Misreading a word should not be overrated. The children are expected to show clear articulation, correct accentuation, adequate reading speed, voice modulation – as well as grasping the content of the text passage.
Good reading should not be confused with acting. Therefore pupils should not exaggerate gestures.

Our prizes

We will offer interesting prizes for students who win in the competition – for example audio-books and books. The prizes will be donated by the Anglo-German Club and ASG.

The competition

The initial stage (on class level) will take place in January. The final championship is always set for January or February, during periods 1, 2 and 3.

Reading is fun

Last but not least, such a reading competition does not have to be limited to the contestants and the competition, but could include other activities in the future, such as:

  • discussions about books and book presentations
  • writing individual reading diaries
  • preparing reading suggestions for the school’s web page
  • suggestions for the school library
  • inviting older students to the class
  • inviting teachers or authors
  • watching movies based on books (movie time at ASG organized by parents?)

We would like to encourage pupils to share their reading experience with other people. We hope that this first reading competition will encourage many people to develop a new perspective on reading for pupils who learn English as a foreign language. And last but not least, we hope that this first reading competition will encourage our pupils to get ready for reading.

Let’s have more fun with English. Let’s read!

Looking forward to a new experience at our school.


Kathrin Schneider and Claudia Böing for the English Language Department

You are in year 7 and enjoy reading English literature?
You would like to read aloud from your favourite English book?
You would like to win one of several interesting prizes?

Then take part in “Let's read!” – The first English reading competition at ASG!